10 Best Tourist Spots in Negros Occidental

Are you a traveler? Do you want to explore Negros Occidental? Do you want to know more about Bacolod which is known as the “City of Smiles”?

Bacolod is the capital city of Negros Occidental.  It is known as the “City of Smiles” because of the Masskara Festival which is held every October.  Below is the list of the top 10 places you can go when you travel in Negros.

  • Capitol Park Lagoon
  • Bantug Lake Ranch
  • New Government Center
  • San Sebastian Cathedral
  • Negros Museum
  • Balay Negrense
  • Campuestohan Highland Resort
  • Mambukal Mountain Resort
  • Lakawon Island
  • The Ruins

1. Capitol Park Lagoon

“A famous statue in Bacolod City” by Elmer B. Domingo  is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The Capitol Park Lagoon is a provincial park located in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.  There are sculptures/monuments inside the park to be looked at with amazement. The Capitol Park Lagoon is near to everything since it’s situated in the heart of the city.  Some of the places near it are Ayala Malls Capitol, Seda Hotel, Coffee Shops ( Calea, Felicias, etc.), Fast Food Chains (Jollibee, Mc Donalds and KFC), etc. You can enjoy just strolling or have a picnic in the grass with your family and friends.  You can also buy rice crispies for only P5.00/piece for you to enjoy feeding the “Tilapia” in the lagoon.

2. Bantug Lake Ranch

The Bantug Lake Ranch is a seven-hectare property owned by the Bantug Family.  It is located in Brgy. Alangilan. The Bantug siblings have developed the Ranch for the people to enjoy and unwind.  The amenities they offer are the following:

  1. Serene Lake – you can feed the fishes, go fishing or boating.  
  2. Bustling Ranch – you can experience horseback and carriage riding.  You can also feed the animals like fishes, turkeys, and peacocks.
  3. Fun Swim – kids and adults can enjoy swimming.  
  4. Rustic Restaurant – you can order affordable “Filipino favorites” meals.  
  5. Picnic Area – you can have a picnic in the grass which is surrounded by mango trees.  They also provide cottages that overlook the lake. You can bring your own food or grill meat and seafood.  

The Bantug Lake Ranch also offers venue for wedding and pre-nuptial/pre-debut photoshoots for a fee.  To know more about Bantug Lake Ranch visit their website www.bantuglakeranch.com.

3. New Government Center

The New Government Center or also known as “NGC” is one of the landmarks of Bacolod City.  There are various food restaurants and kiosks beside it. You can opt to enjoy the view especially at night and eat afterwards.  You can also picnic in the grounds, go biking, play frisbee, jogging, or even zumba dance. Families love to hang out here since it’s very relaxing to just stare at the whole place.

4. San Sebastian Cathedral

The San Sebastian Cathedral is a late 19th Century Church in Bacolod City.  You can go inside to offer prayers or just admire the interior of the century old church.  The church have mass schedules which can be checked online.

5. Negros Museum

The Negros Museum is a privately owned provincial museum situated in the Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol Complex in Bacolod City.  The local artists sell their commissioned artworks at the museum. The Negros Museum is dedicated to promote a deep understanding of the Negros Culture.

6. Balay Negrense

The Balay Negrense is also known as Victor Fernandez Gaston Ancestral House.  It’s a museum located in Silay City, Negros Occidental. It showcases the lifestyle of a late 19th Century Negrense sugar baron.  You can learn about how people live in the early 1900’s when you visit the museum.

7. Campuestohan Highland Resort

The Campuestohan Highland Resort is situated in the boundaries of Bacolod City and Talisay City.  It is owned by Ricardo “Cano” Tan. The resort is blessed with a breathtaking view of the province of Negros Occidental.  The following are the plenty amenities they offer:

  1. Swimming Pools
  2. Wave Pool
  3. Foamy Fun
  4. Hang Glider Zipline
  5. Cable Hamster Wheel
  6. Sky Bike
  7. Dino Park
  8. Rope Course
  9. Hanging Bridge
  10. Grand Carousel
  11. Mini Train
  12. Horseback Riding
  13. Cable Paraglide
  14. Viking Ride
  15. Basketball Shootout
  16. Coffee Shop
  17. King Kong
  18. Children’s Playground
  19. Ice Cream Parlor
  20. Spa
  21. Restaurant Pavillion

For more information about Campuestohan Highland Resort, visit their website www.campuestohanhighlandresort.com.

8. Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Mountain Resort is famous because of its “seven falls”.  The view is breathtaking that you might think about having a vacation there for one whole month… or maybe more?  You can enjoy the big swimming pool or go warm dipping. Note that when dipping in the hot spring make sure you give time for your body to adjust to the temperature before you submerge your body completely.  There is also a spa which offers massage for those who want to relax after the dip in the sulfur spring pool. It has a space for flower vendors where you can find different kinds of beautiful flowers. They have various overnight accommodations as well as conference halls for various functions.  

To know more about Mambukal Mountain Resort,  you can call their office @ (034) 433-8516/ (034) 709-0990.

9. Lakawon Island

The Lakawon Island Resorts is a 16-hectare, banana-shaped island off the coast of Cadiz in Negros Occidental.  It is a white sand beach and the view is like a paradise. The view is super instagrammable. They offer TawHai Floating Bar where you can relax or party while floating in the waters of Cadiz.  They also have Sunset Bar which offers locally inspired dishes and other Filipino favorite dishes such as Bacolod Chicken Inasal. The sunset bar has a separate area that can accommodate up to 50 persons for any private functions/events.  

For more information about Lakawon Island, visit their website www.lakawon.com.ph.

10. The Ruins

The Ruins” is the remains of ancestral home mansion of the Lacson Family.  It is located in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. They offer a tour around the mansion while explaining the reasons behind each part of the mansion for free.  It is a great place to take pictures for souvenir if you are a tourist. There are several food kiosks you can choose from if you are hungry. They have a souvenir shop where you can choose from a wide variety of souvenirs or “pasalubong”.

If you are a tourist and you want to go these places, you can email us @ cathyedwards26@gmail.com for directions to get to your preferred destination or you can book a tour with us @ www.islandtripsnegros.com/contact to avoid hassle and just relax as you tour around.  

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