Educational Tours

What is Educational Tour?

Educational Tour is about getting out from the four corners of the classroom, seeing what is beyond in it and having a hands-on learning/experience of what are written on the books.

Through Educational Travel, students:

  • It broadens the knowledge of the tour participants, specifically, the students.
  • It will enhance the participants’/students’understanding of their respective subjects.
  • It will help students consider or choose their career path.

Why book your Educational Tour with us?

You can be sure that after the tour, the teachers’ and students’ expectations are always met.  They will go back to their classrooms bringing the new learning they got from the educational tour.

What our clients have said:

I have known of Island Trips' services since college- our school usually gets our tour packages from them. Even until now that I am working in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, a lot of prominent schools, companies, Associations and government sectors have become loyal clients of the Island Trips Team. the owners and staff are equally friendly, accommodating and are always ready to provide solutions. They are also very flexible in planning out events and tours for small groups and even big ones! 🙂
Cate Antoinette Pirote
SMX - Bacolod City
I have travelled a lot and I have been a witness to the creativity and efficiency of Island Trips from booking to execution.
Ms. Belinda C. Berbenzana
HM Area Head - Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod
As a parent, my foremost concern is the safety and comfort of my child during educational tours. I was not disappointed because her school booked with Island Trips' which provided reasonably-priced, well-planned and safe travel for the students. My daughter exclaimed that she had a great and wonderful experience and I'm happy for that!
Sha Labrador

Educational Tour Pictures