Ilocos Exploration - 4 Days

“The Heart of Ilocandia/Heritage Village of the Philippines”

No part of the Philippines is richer in memories of Spanish culture than Ilocos Sur, especially Vigan, the heartland of ancient Ylokos. Almost everywhere in the houses of the “babaknangs” ancient artworks combining Spanish ideas with oriental crafts are found. One has to go Manila to see and witness progress in the making, but he has to go to Vigan to see history in the offing. The Ilocos Sur Museum, founded on August 22, 1970, has a sizable collection of cultural treasures to be proud of. Here, Ilocos Sur art include paintings, centuries-old sculptures and pieces of carved furniture. Here, too, are found relics of Spanish European and Chinese cultures that had influenced Ilocano life for centuries. These relics show Ilocos arts not only for their intrinsic and artistic worth, but also as part of a culture influenced by foreigners, and in turn influencing other regions of the Philippines. Chapters of Philippine history and religion are found in the Crisologo collections which includes family heirlooms, centuries –old “santos”, statuettes, ivory images, Vienna furniture, marble-topped tables, ancient-carved beds, rare Chinese porcelains, jars and jarlettes, lamps, Muslim brass wares, and Spanish and Mexican coins. The Syquia collections, including the late President Quirino’s memorabilla, vies in quality with the Crisologo collections. But in the midst of the fire scare in Vigan last year, the relics in the Syquia Mansion were transferred to Manila for safekeeping.

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Prices are yet to be updated. For inquiries, please call us @ 707 5172 or 09396484256


Prices are yet to be updated. For inquiries, please call us @ 707 5172 or 09396484256

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